The Benefits of Microtunneling in Urban Infrastructure Projects

benefits of microtunneling

Lets talk about the benefits of microtunneling in urban infrastructure projects… In today’s rapidly growing urban landscape, the need for efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly infrastructure solutions has never been greater. Enter microtunneling, what is microtunneling? It is a cutting-edge technique revolutionizing the way underground projects are executed. With its immense benefits, microtunneling is becoming […]

Microtunnelling Technology: Revolutionizing Underground Construction

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Twentieth-century advancements in tunnelling technology have given rise to microtunnelling, a technique that facilitates the accurate and efficient construction of underground infrastructure with minimal surface disturbance. With its roots in the traditional pipe jacking technique, microtunnelling has revolutionized the installation of pipelines and conduits by employing remotely controlled, laser-guided tunnel boring machines (TBMs) and specialized […]

Key Innovations and Technological Advancements Fueling Subsurface Tunnelling

Subsurface Tunnelling

Expediting large-scale underground construction projects requires specialized equipment developed and refined through decades of engineering expertise. One crucial component at the forefront of modern tunnelling projects is the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) – a highly advanced and versatile piece of technology that plays an indispensable role in constructing subsurface tunnels efficiently and safely. In this […]

Exploring the Role of Sprayed Concrete Lining in Modern Underground Construction

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With the rapid evolution of construction technology, methods once considered traditional are now being replaced by more innovative, efficient, and cost-effective ones. One such groundbreaking advancement is the application of sprayed concrete lining (SCL) in underground construction. This method, also known as shotcrete, has brought a revolutionary change in the way tunnel support systems are […]

Shaft Construction and Applications in Tunnelling Projects

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Tunnelling projects encompass a variety of applications, ranging from transportation and utility infrastructures to underground storage facilities. Regardless of the specific application, a critical component of every tunnelling project is the construction of shafts. Shafts serve as vertical or inclined access points used to facilitate construction activities, transport personnel, materials, and equipment, and also provide […]

The Advantages of Compressible Grout in West Trunk Sewer Project Contract 2

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The West Trunk Sewer Project Contract 2 stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency – one remarkable feature that has contributed significantly to the project’s success is the use of compressible grout. Compressible grout is a revolutionary material that has been making waves in underground construction, particularly in projects like West Trunk Sewer Project […]

Enhancing Soil Stability and Minimizing Risks in Underground Construction

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Undertaking underground construction projects often involves addressing complex geological challenges and ensuring the stability of structures in diverse soil conditions. One critical aspect of such projects is the necessity to reinforce soil and improve its characteristics to provide safe and durable foundations for tunnels and other subterranean structures. In this insightful blog post, we will […]

Segmental Tunnel Linings: The Backbone of Modern Tunnelling Infrastructure

tunnel linings

As a leading provider of tunnelling solutions, Technicore Underground Inc Underground Inc. prides itself on offering comprehensive services and technical expertise to ensure the successful completion of a wide range of tunnelling projects. One integral component of modern tunnel construction is the tunnel lining – a structural element that supports the tunnel and ensures its […]

Innovations in Tunnel Boring Machines: Revolutionizing Tunnelling with Technicore


Tunnel boring machines (TBMs) are at the core of many tunnel construction projects, responsible for excavating large volumes of material and allowing for the efficient creation of stable tunnels. Known for their precision, speed, and ability to minimize disruptions to surface environments, TBMs have become an indispensable tool in the tunnelling industry. As technology continues […]

Understanding Microtunneling: The Key to Successful Pipelaying in Urban Environments

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Technicore Underground Inc. is a leader in the tunnelling industry, offering a wide array of solutions for city infrastructures and utility projects. One of the key services provided by Technicore is microtunneling – an effective and non-disruptive method for the installation of pipelines in urban environments. In this blog post, we aim to provide an […]