Segmental Tunnel Linings: The Backbone of Modern Tunnelling Infrastructure

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As a leading provider of tunnelling solutions, Technicore Underground Inc Underground Inc. prides itself on offering comprehensive services and technical expertise to ensure the successful completion of a wide range of tunnelling projects. One integral component of modern tunnel construction is the tunnel lining – a structural element that supports the tunnel and ensures its […]

Innovations in Tunnel Boring Machines: Revolutionizing Tunnelling with Technicore


Tunnel boring machines (TBMs) are at the core of many tunnel construction projects, responsible for excavating large volumes of material and allowing for the efficient creation of stable tunnels. Known for their precision, speed, and ability to minimize disruptions to surface environments, TBMs have become an indispensable tool in the tunnelling industry. As technology continues […]

Understanding Microtunneling: The Key to Successful Pipelaying in Urban Environments

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Technicore Underground Inc. is a leader in the tunnelling industry, offering a wide array of solutions for city infrastructures and utility projects. One of the key services provided by Technicore is microtunneling – an effective and non-disruptive method for the installation of pipelines in urban environments. In this blog post, we aim to provide an […]

Achieving Sustainable Tunnel Construction with Technicore Underground Inc.

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As the world continues to recognize our collective responsibility to address climate change and environmental concerns, the construction industry has been evolving its practices to embrace sustainability. Tunnel construction is no exception, with both public and private entities increasingly demanding environmentally responsible and resource-efficient infrastructure projects. Sustainable tunnel construction is an essential aspect of achieving […]

Tunnel Waterproofing Solutions: Preserving Structural Integrity with Technicore Underground Inc.

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Tunnel waterproofing is a vital aspect of tunnel construction, ensuring the long-term structural integrity and functionality of the underground infrastructure. Inadequate waterproofing can lead to leaks, causing damage to tunnel linings, service installations, and the overall structure. This may not only result in increased maintenance costs but also pose safety concerns and prompt significant disruptions […]

Exploring the Versatility of Microtunnelling with Technicore Underground Inc.


The underground construction landscape has witnessed several advancements over the years, with microtunnelling emerging as one of the most effective and versatile techniques for the installation of underground utilities and pipelines. As urban spaces continue to evolve and infrastructure demands rise, the need for efficient, non-disruptive, and environmentally friendly underground construction methods grows, making microtunnelling […]

Innovative Technologies Transforming Tunnel Construction


The tunnel construction industry has undergone significant transformations in recent years, primarily driven by advances in technology. With growing demands for complex underground infrastructure, increased safety standards, and improved efficiency, embracing innovation and adopting groundbreaking technologies has become an essential aspect of modern tunnel construction. As the industry continues to evolve, the incorporation of these […]

Innovations in Tunnelling: Advancing Tunnel Boring Machine Technology


Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) have been a game-changer in the world of tunnelling and underground construction, providing contractors with an efficient and precise means to excavate tunnels with minimal disturbance to the surrounding environment. Thanks to innovative advancements in tunnelling technology and the relentless pursuit of excellence by industry leaders like Technicore Underground Inc., TBMs […]

Comprehensive Guide to Efficient Tunnelling Techniques and Technologies

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The world of underground tunnelling has witnessed rapid advancements over the years, with companies like Technicore Underground Inc. leading the way with their technological expertise in executing complex projects. The ability to create new infrastructure without disrupting the surface or existing installations has become paramount, particularly in congested urban environments. Thus, the tunnelling industry has […]

The Remarkable Process of Tunnel Lining with Technicore

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The process of constructing tunnels involves more than just excavating the earth and creating a void within the ground. One of the critical aspects of modern tunnel infrastructure is tunnel lining – the process of creating a stable, safe, and waterproof structural layer within the excavated tunnel space.  Tunnel lining plays a vital role in […]