Bachman Wastewater Interceptor Replacement

Project Highlights

Role: Sub-Contractor

Project Delivery: Bid-Build

Tunnel Equipment: EPB MTBM

Primary Support: Steel Microtunnelling Pipe

Ground Conditions: Rock/running sand/gravel/clayey sands

Project Description

The Bachman Interceptor Project was one of the first major microtunnelling projects in Dallas. The project consisted of a 1200mm tunnel that was 8300m in length. The ground conditions included soft rock, running sands/gravel and clayey sands/sandy clay. Due to the proximity of the tunnel to the lake, high groundwater was present throughout excavation.

Owner: City of Dallas

Start Date: June 2014

Completion Date: March 2016

Drive Length: 8600 meters

Diameter: 1200 mm

Consultants: Stantec Consulting

Contract Amount: $48,272,856