Watermain and Sanitary Sewer Construction on Dixie Road

Project Highlights

Role: General Contractor

Project Delivery: Design-Bid-Build

Tunnel Equipment: 960mm Slurry MTBM Herrenknecht AVN800

Primary Support: Single pass microtunnelling watermain pressure pipe

Ground Conditions: Soft ground

Project Description

Installation of 830m long 600mm diameter concrete pressure pipe sanitary trunk sewer by slurry microtunnelling, including two PCCP maintenance holes and construction of 820m long 400mm diameter watermain by open cut methods including five valve chambers, services and connections to existing mains. Microtunnelling was completed in 4 separate drive with lengths of 189m, 189m, 226m and 220m. These drives are considered to be longer than the expected push length for this size of MTBM; however, Technicore employed a modified machine which was designed and manufactured with increased performance specifications including torque and RPM to the head.

Owner: Regional Municipality of Peel

Start Date: December 2017

Completion Date: December 2018

Drive Length: 830 meters

Diameter: 960 mm Sanitary Sewer, 400mm Watermain

Consultants: Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Contract Amount: $ 7,587,730

Ground Conditions

This watermain and sanitary trunk sewer project was constructed through soft ground soil conditions consisting of sand & silt till, sand & silt, silt, clayey silt, and fill materials. Natural moisture contents vary from 4% to 23% and averages approximately 13% by dry weight.
Shaft and tunnel construction of the sanitary trunk on this project was completed below the water table with ground water levels between 1 and 7 meters above the tunnel. Tunnelling were shafts constructed utilizing precast concrete segmental liners and “sunken caisson” methods to approximate depth of 12m bgs. Open cut installation of the watermain and valve chambers is above the ground water table and seepage into the trenches is experienced to various extend and is being controlled by regularly spaced sump pumps.