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The Future of Tunneling Starts Here

Delivering Unparalleled Solutions for Strategic Infrastructure

At Technicore, we’re always thinking one step ahead. We’re committed to creating industry-leading innovations and cutting-edge technologies to shape the future of tunneling, inspired by more than 30 years of trade knowledge.

Our Canadian-owned and operated group of companies has grown substantially to include manufacturing facilities, production equipment, engineering, fabrication, administration and servicing staff. Our integrated group of subsidiary companies allows us to create best-in-class solutions for every project, no matter the scope:

Heavy Civil Underground Construction

Construction and tunnelling services with over $500 million in bonding facilities.

Equipment, design, manufacturing & Maintenance

Manufacture of tunnelling machines and equipment. Responsible for maintenance, servicing and refurbishing of capital equipment for the Technicore Group.

Manufacturing of Steel And Precast Products

Manufacture of heavy steel and precast products, including steel transmission pipe for potable water, natural gas, oil, concrete pressure pipe, precast tunnel liners and support systems. Learn more

Manufacturing of Support Systems

Manufacture and sale of robotically fabricated steel tunnel support products.

Experience That Spans Generations

Our dedication to innovation stems from our roots. With a family history in the tunneling industry that dates back more than two generations, we’ve long studied the best practices of the trade while dreaming up inventive new ways of breaking ground. We come to every project armed with decades of knowledge and the foresight needed to complete projects safely and efficiently.

All of Technicore’s proprietary technology and equipment were designed out of necessity. Be it allowing more cost-effective and productive projects or challenging the various geological conditions encountered in our work. But each innovation has led to the advancement of our capabilities, securing our place as industry leaders and paving the way for the next generation.

This unparalleled understanding of the industry has allowed us to work on hundreds of unique projects and solve countless challenges for consultants and owners. Technicore has constructed over 100,000 metres of tunnels ranging in diameter from 400 millimetres to four metres, including a number of complex projects in tunneling, microtunneling and open-cut methods. And by using our own patents, we’re able to tackle projects independently, making us one of the few general contractors able to self-perform nearly all work on our projects.

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Inspired by Solutions

We’re out-of-the-box thinkers. In fact, we may not even fit into a box at all. When we’re approached about a project, our planning starts at the design board. We believe even the best-laid plans can be built upon to provide unique, cost-effective and solution-driven results for even the most complicated projects.

By using our own patents and in-house technology, we have the ability to design advanced infrastructure that doesn’t result in bigger budget allocations. We will present you with a state-of-the-art solution that will impress stakeholders while staying within your project’s parameters.

The Technicore Group of Companies operates as a fully integrated company with cross-functional subsidiaries including TBM manufacturing and servicing, sewer and water main pipe fabrication, tunnel and shaft support systems manufacturing, haulage and specialty concrete mixes for civil works.  We also hold a large list of equipment that is able to fit most project needs including over 30 TBMs, EPBTBM, MTBM and TDS machines, foundry equipment, freeze plants and a number of pieces of rolling stock.

Tony DiMillo, CEO

I’ve been an innovator for as long as I can remember. As a young boy working for my father’s tunnel contracting company, I spent hours studying the machines. Not only did I want to gain a better understanding of how they worked, but I was also determined to find ways to make them better, faster and more efficient. It’s a passion I’ve nicknamed “imagineering”—the art of imagining a solution and bringing it to life through engineering.

I founded this company in 1996 with the intention of designing and building the next generation of tunnel and mining equipment. And while most contractors never want to be the first to use new equipment, we started contracting to show people just how good our equipment performs in the field to astounding results. Today, we offer the best of both worlds—developing and manufacturing specialty equipment that allows us to deliver unparalleled construction solutions. But our mission doesn’t stop there.

Technicore is committed to furthering the tunneling industry and training the next generation of engineers committed to safety, innovation and excellence. We invest heavily in technology, experimenting with Artificial Intelligence and other advancements to foster the evolution of this industry on a local and national level. I’m proud to say that our growing workforce shares my love of invention, transforming Technicore into a hub for inspiration.

– Tony DiMillo

Our History

Manufacturing Roots

Technicore Underground Corporation was originally incorporated in 1996 as a manufacturer of tunnel and mining machines and equipment. Our numerous innovations have played key roles in advancing the industry, including the proprietary Controlled Foam Injection (CFI) technique, used to fracture rock and concrete so it becomes biodegradable, and customized Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs), designed to provide maximum efficiency regardless of the ground conditions.


Canadian Owned and Operated

After seeing significant revenue growth and interest in our TBM machines, we purchased 5.7 acres of land in East Gwillimbury, Ont., and constructed a 20,000 sq. ft. facility at 102 Bales Drive East in Newmarket, Ont. Our headquarters was subsequently expanded again to 45,000 sq. ft. as a result of additional growth. As a wholly-owned Canadian company, we’re proud to have a growing workforce of more than 250 site and office personnel at our two manufacturing plants and various tunnelling construction projects.


Technicore Underground Inc.

We launched Technicore Underground Inc. as a separate company to build heavy civil tunnel construction projects using the equipment developed and manufactured at Technicore Underground Corp. From our first major contract building utility tunnels for the terminals at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to recent infrastructure projects for Peel Region and other major municipalities, we continue to introduce new equipment and technology to the market through our contracting business.


TecMix and Underground Support Systems Inc.

As a result of several years of proprietary research in cellular grout and robotic manufacturing and delivery, we established TecMix Inc. in 2009 as an integrated manufacturer of concrete ready-mix. Later that year we launched Underground Support Systems Inc. to distribute robotically manufactured tunnel support systems to the North American market.


Ewing Fabricators 1845 Inc.

In 2012, we acquired Ewing Fabricators 1845 Inc., a manufacturer of heavy steel, mill and foundry products including steel transmission pipes for potable water, natural gas, oil and other applications. We acquired assets including 3.8 acres of land and a 60,000-sq. ft. steel fabrication facility in Toronto.


Integrated Group of Companies

Technicore comprises a group of companies that have grown substantially over the past 30 years to include manufacturing facilities, production equipment, engineering, fabrication, administration and servicing staff. Today those companies include Technicore Underground Inc., Technicore Underground Corp., Ewing Fabricators 1845 Inc., and Underground Support Systems Inc.


Inspiring the Next Generation

As recognized leaders in the Canadian heavy civil industry, Technicore is committed to fostering the evolution of the tunneling industry and inspiring the next generation of engineers committed to safety, innovation and excellence. By investing in technology and dedicating time to innovation, we’re paving the way for industry advancements on a local and national level.

2022 and Beyond
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Health & Safety

Technicore Underground recognizes the importance of our employees, clients, subcontractors, visitors, suppliers to a safe workplace. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment, to preventing injuries and illness, to maintaining compliance to legislative and regulatory requirements, monitoring our sub-contractors, and ensuring the safety of the general public.

Our safety management program is accredited to IHSA’s COR™ and we continuously strive at improving health and safety in our workplace.


Technicore is committed to the protection of the environment, to preventing pollution, and planning our operations to ensure the preservation of the environment. Continual improvement of our environmental management system is of top priority to the Company and as such; environmental monitoring, policies, procedures and practices will be diligently observed and all legislated standards and regulations will be complied with.

Our commitment to the Environment extends to our customers, employees, sub-contractors and the communities in which we operate in.

Memberships & Accreditations

With over 30 years of experience, our company has accumulated a variety of accreditations and certifications to serve you better.